How this site is supported

This site uses affiliate marketing to support its continuation and the creation of more content. Affiliate marketing means that each time we refer you to a page to buy a game and you buy it, we get a small share of the price asked by the game store. This is usually from 2-5 % of the purchase, deducted from the amount the seller recieves (there is no additional price for you). This is meant as a thank you from the game store, for referring a customer to their website.

Not all sellers featured on our site give us affilate money. List of those who do can be found below:

  • Instant Gaming
  • CDKeys
  • HRK Game
  • Kinguin
  • Humble Bundle
  • Fanatical
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Key store recommendations

Key resellers are sites that sell game keys at (usually) much lower prices than traditional retailers. They do this through a combination of ways, like selling keys that come in a bundle, that were on a sale and many other ways.

The reason why we separated them from traditional retailers is that these stores have been the subject of a divisive discussion for a long time.

The reason we include them is that you can buy keys on these sites usually for very big discounts, sometimes quite ridiculously cheap. In 99 % of cases, they will work the same as a much more expensive key would. For many people, especially people from countries with lower standards of living, this can mean big savings that have a significant impact on their life, while also playing the game and not resorting to piracy.

If you are buying on these stores, we have a few recommendations to follow:

  1. Just know there is a tiny risk. Either your purchase will fail and you will use your money, or that the key you recieved won't work. It has never happened to us or anyone we know, but it has certainly happened to a number of people on the internet. That is partly the nature of the business, partly un-consumer business practices of some of the stores. In 99.9 % of cases, the purchase will be ok, but sometimes it won't.
  2. If the price is not cheaper on key stores (it almost always is, though), then we recommend to buy from the traditional, established retailers.
  3. If it is a store with multiple sellers with ratings, always pick the one with the highest number of sold keys and ratings. The probability of a successful purchase is much higher if buying from a reputable key seller.